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TYPEtype is the triannual magazine of the New Zealand Association for Psychological Type.  With it we aim to inform, inspire, challenge and resource our membership and the wider Type community with useful, relevant articles that promote the use and application of Type.

TYPEtype contains Type research, Type experiences, contributions from authors of different Types, updates about local interest groups, information about the Association, and covers Type events and topics from around New Zealand and the world.

The magazine is distributed free to NZAPT members, and accessible digitally to the members of our international Type Association partners.

Non-members are able to subscribe to TYPEtype for an annual subscription fee.  To inquire about subscription please contact us.


We are always looking for great Type articles and contributors!  We welcome orginal articles, stories, images, photography, case studies and whatever other Type-related material can fit between our pages.  

If you have specialised knowledge, expertise, a good idea, or just like writing about Type we would love to hear from you.  Please note we are unable to offer payment for published contributions.


NZAPT welcomes requests for advertising. For details and pricing, please contact the Editor at typetype "at"


The TYPEtype Manifesto

We know all the rules of grammar and sense,

When we break them we don't mean to cause you offense.

For the rules of the box are a bit grey, we think,

And we want to portray people’s madness in ink!

Instead of cookie-cutter stories that are so well-behaved;

We think it’s more fun to present an array.

Try your hardest to bore us and we’ll let you, you see;

Because someone might say, “Wow, that’s totally me!”

If you run on, or go on, we’ll be tolerant too,

But may just insert commas so we don’t all turn blue.

So we invite you to read us with Type on your mind,

And see this as a playground to celebrate kind.

Personality, always, is the name of our game;

So contribute to us for your minute of fame!